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MJC Speech and Debate Students are National Champions

MJC Speech and Debate Students are National Champions

Phi Rho Pi Squad 2019(MODESTO, CA 04/15/2019)—The Modesto Junior College Speech and Debate team travelled to Reno, Nevada for Phi Rho Pi, the community college national championship tournament from April 8-13. Phi Rho Pi takes place every spring, with students traveling from across the United States to compete after a year’s worth of preparation.

Four Modesto students qualified to compete in the national championships this year: Alexis Gerardo, Gavin Gould, Sarah Landeros, and Kendra McKinley.

In Individual Events, McKinley earned the bronze award in Informative speaking, an event where students have 10 minutes to present a well-researched and memorized speech that seeks to help the audience understand new innovations, technological developments, and medical discoveries. McKinley’s speech was about a remarkable new form of self-healing concrete that can repair its own cracks through the use of a special fungus blended into the concrete mixture.

In parliamentary debate, Gould competed in a hybrid team with a partner from Solano College. This is a limited preparation event where competitors are given twenty minutes to prepare arguments on a given resolution. Gould and his partner talked their way through six tough preliminary rounds to make it to the finals, where they took home the bronze award.

For more information about the team including travel schedule and results, you can visit their website at

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