SPAR Debate

Spar Debate

In a typical SPAR round, there are anywhere from 4-6 students within a round. Students will be chosen to debate against each other in pairs of two. Once both competitors are chosen and ready, a coin toss is used to decide sides in the debate (whoever wins the coin toss may choose whether they are affirmative (AFF / PRO) or negation (NEG / CON). Each pair will then be given 3 debate topics by the judge. The AFF will strike one resolution and then the NEG will strike one of the two remaining topics, leaving the pair with one final topic and this is the topic for the debate.

After the final topic is chosen, competitors will have 2 minutes of prep time, to begin writing down their arguments before the debate begins.

Time Limits

Basic Rules

Video Guide

This guide was created for middle school SPAR, but follows the same basic rules that college SPAR does.

Judging Guide

This video explains how a judge will facilitate a round of SPAR